Good news for our clients. We will be carrying on the spot stock of the Maggie LRS + model in Black only. White colored models are to be ordered at time of purchase. I am expecting more info on wait times very soon folks.


We're adding more Naim to our mix. Let's keep this reasonable with few exceptions.

naim naitxs3.pngnaim nss333.jpg

This new webpage will be a cross between our previously Gear Head and NEWS webpage as well as Just in webpage.


audio note cobra_0.png

We remain the oldest and well established AN dealer in Canada. Much Audio Note is in stock and still many available options are open for the offerings. From digital, Analogue, pre-amplifier's, power amps and the latest integrated amplifier's, many options of cables and their top-level speakers. All on actual display, right here in Ottawa. We service the Ottawa region and our clients outside our city.


naim uniti star.jpg

We contain the entire Uniti family, including the CORE. At home more Naim has been carried over the years than most brands I represent together. Too say Naim is not special, well, I would not go so far. We can still push Naim digital still further with Naim amplifiers, power supplies and higher up digital. All on display.

linn logo.PNG

linn klimax solo 800.png

For some observers in our region, will notice that that Linn ( as many others ) have decidedly went much into the high-end venue in their offerings. Nothing is more evident than on some of their latest offerings. They have equally shown themselves to be an engineering company first and foremost. The new Klimax Solo 800 at the starting price of 67,000 CDN, their relatively new Klimas DS at around 50,000. 00 and finally their brand-new Linn 360 speaker at over 90,000.00. Notwithstanding the infamous Linn LP 12 which has been revised over the entire Lp 12 product range which is now at 7,000. 00 and over.

There have been quite a few improvements along the way at the lower levels of Linn. In our meeting well over 1. 5 years ago (September 2022), I asked why they were not equally paying attention to their entry level clients. Both their answer made sense; in that they did not want to compete against Chinese made stuff. I stated that they were selling themselves short, far too much. But I did get where they were coming from as to where my observations were with the younger clients.

After having Audio Note for 30 years, and after seeing quite a steep price climbing while the pandemic was still on, I could not entertain a now new Linn with the massive price climb. Usually, retailers can only maintain 1 expensive line. We equally had Naim going through the same process and we continue to offer much Linn Products on the way. Linn has seen some price increases, as many other companies.

By all means, should you have any questions or concerns, drop us an email folks, we will be glad to help.




naim nait 50 ampli.png

Having been the main Naim reseller... Ottawa for what seems forever (since 1997, I believe), just as we were shutting down our public access down in late 2022, a new guy that is funded by a rather well-off real estate dude in BC, well, is already no more, this was very predictable. We further have another retailer that is advertising Naim, but has no stock, and Naim seems perfectly fine with this. As too the 1st retailer after us, he has already lost a great many lines including Naim. This experiment lasted about 2 years for them. Audio can be a harsh mistress here in Ottawa. It is a difficult place to do business in where audio is concerned. I'm reminded of what Sim Audio did to us in 2021, now since then, they are really nowhere to be seen in Ottawa region. Sim Audio has gone from a fully stocked dealer with us here, too virtually several ghost dealers here and there and they all tend to come and go, again with very little to no stock. Greedflation has been part and parcel of our industry before the word actually was invented just a few short years ago while in a pandemic.

We continue to be at Naim's service. I like to keep it real in these tough times, and I would have loved to carry the Nait 50th Anniversary amplifier. We were expecting at least a few calls on the Gatineau side for this product, which we did not get. Bearing in mind of these rather special times, I should not be surprised that this silence occurred. With Naim, they seem to have followed the same path Linn did on their higher end skews but they did not destroy their "lower end level gear". Kudos for them. With Naim, we nearly did it all regarding Naim. Sadly, for many of these national suppliers, as much sales we had done in Ottawa without selling on line, they eventually think that we did not do enough. They are never really satisfied. Historical facts are on our side. They are not the only one's mind you.

Despite having closed down our public access, nearly 1. 5 years ago, we are still placing credence with Naim. We continue our path as we usually do. Should you have any questions, don't be strangers to danger folks.

Our "new" website.

Many will have noticed the brevity of our newly formatted website. This " new " website is here to stay. We suspect many will appreciate more, with one exception, our spies that had gotten used to getting free info. Please enjoy it.


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Throughout the year, there have been more than several variances being proposed with new basic belt drive LP 12 models, with several key technical upgrades. From the LP 12 Majik to the Klimax, they somewhat look the same, I did say somewhat the same. At it's most basic, the Linn LP 12 Majik ( remember all that is Linn ends with a K, that Scottish sense of humor again ). This is most likely the most advanced stand-alone level Majik level table ever. In my books, it's the most pound for pound performing LP 12. It has gobs of brand new and high Teck features. Once received in my fine hands, it needs to be built from the ground up. Some would say that she and I have been married for over 40 years. This rebuilding comes free with the price of your table.

linn majik lp12.png

Because of their prestige factor and price, relatively new and recent LP 12 tend to stay with their owners. One will see these for sale from ex sales shop of Linn dealers. But for the grace of the public, one does not see new models for sale ( but rarely ). Many await used LP 12's as they are much more affordable than new ones. But we have seen these used ones go up by quite a bit in the last years. Linn have managed to offer certain options that make this level of the Lp 12's more appealing for the end user.


linn uphorik_0.jpg

At the Linn Selekt level, the entire Lp 12 needs to be built from scratch. Now easier said than done. The improvements are wide ranging. Many dealers have also had to deal with certain technical complexities. From the outside, they look the same with exception of key visual differences in the arm, cartridge and power supply ( latest Lingo 4 PS ). This adds up to a different sounding high performing LP 12 altogether.

Owning a Majik LP 12, one can upgrade slowly to any level of LP 12 one would want to wish for. Pricing is a tad lower than 20,000. Using a Linn Uphorik phono stage are highly recommended. We have never taken a trade in since the Linn Uphorik came out, I believe in 2009. Both LP 12's are on display at SPI and yes also our Linn Uphorik phono stage is also on display @ around 4,500.00. If one chooses to peruse the LInn website under CREATE YOUR OWN LP 12, one will see the many available options at one's finger tips.

Lastly, exact Canadian pricing is available on the Linn UK website.


linn logo.PNG

Digital Streaming products...

linn selekt.jpg

It goes without saying, Linn digital products are the most future proof products. They stand beside the best, some would say without sounding overly full of themselves, that Linn is the best of their class, any class. That is saying a lot, as there is much exceptional competition out there. Further from the Selekt DS and upwards, once can also create their own players with the options they desire.

The Linn Majik DSM cost is 5,600.00. The Linn Selekt gives one the options of many upgrades that make it highly interesting. I have both the Majik DSM and the Linn Selekt DSM, starting at 8,500.00 and up. I do not have the Linn Klimax DSM selling at 58,000.00, as our market place would most likely not allow a product at this level. We have however sold approx 6 Klimax DS in our history. I myself own Klimax level gear. Should one be interested in Klimax level gear, I would rather chat the options out at this level. So dont shy away should you have an interest in Linn digital products.

More information to come concerning what we have on hand with Linn very soon.


Linn Lp 12 Clinik's

perso home.jpg

About every year or 2, I plan out for our region and Linn LP 12 clients, a free LP 12 clinik to shape and snip your prized LP 12's. I just had one this January 2024, despite having endured a wicked and quite violent fall Nov 5th. A promise is a promise folks. A word to the wise, and for those new to us here, I have now over 1,450 LP-12 unit repairs and upgrades as of end of 2nd week of February 2024. Sometimes I say to Roger that I dream about Lp 12 repairs when I get knee deep in these.

I have a huge stock pile of LINN LP 12 parts, motors, power supplies, and belts and everything else under the sun ( fer' real guys ). These parts are dedicated to my clients and Lp 12 practice exclusively. Which means, Ottawa owners are in a really good place. I always make sure to give our guys a long lead time when these clinik's happen. Also, for those needing repairs and modifications, just communicate with me here, I will be happy to helps. These services at these levels are not done overnight, in fact far from it. I will advise as to length in wait time.

More info on Naim, Trigon etc to come by March 22nd or so, take care ;)