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Here is a newly modified and simplified information key for our 1st time clients, a Frequently Asked Question. Should you have any other questions, please communicate with us and let us know, we will be glad to help.

Are we an actual store front ? Yes we are. However, we always have been away from conventional commercial venues, as we are a destination store.

Who owns Stereo Passion International ? We are locally owned and operated. Occasional, every 3-4 years or so, rumors are abound that we are owned by "big money" coming from outside our geographical region. This is not factual. Our company operates under it's own financial volition right here in the city of Ottawa. We are self financing, we maintain an exceedingly high inventory level by any worldly standards, however, we also maintain a close to zero debt level. This makes us a solid and long term Ottawa proud.

Do we need a Rendez Vous ? We tend to always be busy, and because of this fact, our rooms tends to be booked in advanced. So unless one likes to play the lottery, your trip to see us to hear something without RV's will most likely end up in disappointment and wasted time getting here. One may be lucky, but the odds are not in our clients favor. Calling ahead, guarantees a room reservation under your name at a time of your choosing. It also guarantees that we are ready for you. This is important to us.

Your website is different, why ? On that level, you bet folks. What you see IS what you get for one thing, and further, our website only alludes to a fraction of what we actually have on display. So what you see IS what you get. No false advertising is permitted. We don't pretend to have, nor show Alibaba's cave... as we are Alibaba's cave. Additionally our website is information based, not sales based.

As one suspects, our now 22 year old website has a huge following the world over, mostly due to the long standing blogs that have been part of our Web DNA before it was "in" and in vogue to do so. But no amount of web surfing will make most clients ready for your visit. Until you see it first hand and with your own eyes, well...

Why the odd hours? Oddly our hours are no longer "odd". Most audio companies worldwide that operate at our level, do so with hours that are somewhat similar to ours. It must be said, a lot of work is also done behind the scenes. Further, because we operate on the side of sweating the details of our business life, we do take vacation time every 6 months, where we completely close.

One last addition, we are not a Christmas type store, nor are we a Black Friday or special sales events store, we tend to be busy most of the time, including summer, and sometimes especially during summer. We cannot promise quiet times, but they do happen on occasion.

How long can I listen for when I visit ? Your first time is limited to approx. 1.5 hours. Comparisons are limited to one other company for your first visit. Should you decide to come back, we may open a 2 hours session. We use no pressure tactics, nor sales games, are open to extremes in answering your questions honestly and very factually.

Is it true that SPI is a boys club ? Rudely unfair assertion and a very popular within the online forums, then when these same folks visit us, they chat as much as we do ;-). Humour aside, this is best answered the following way. Yes we tend to be busy, and sometimes very busy. But we are kept busy because we take care of our business and that business is YOU. Our clients tend to always come back. Our client retention rate is extremely high, and because we care about our business, it keeps folks coming back in droves and sometimes in small groups as well. Sometimes our clients come for business or only chat, listen to music and have a quality coffee on the house. Add the relentless personal touches of the way we deal with clients, it makes for the occasional chatter box feel. All are welcome, we greet all our clients with utmost respect and occasional "dark humor"... it cannot be helped ;-)

Are you alone doing this ? This question is now mostly silent, but it still comes out occasionally. It stems from the fact that the website seems to promote only one voice. If one looks on our website, since 2008, I have made it a point to state that this company and its website is its sizeable and not insignificant work load, is a culmination of a team that stands behind me. If you read BUILDING SHOWS key on our website, one gets a clear picture that my team IS incredibly part of the business model. My team is divided in 2. Whom you see are my floor people. Then of course we also have administrative people behind the curtains as well. My team is incredibly tight. We all have SPI tattoos on our behinds.

Do you promote Black Friday deal, Xmas specials etc ? We are not a discount house. SPI in effect, got this far by offering Expertise and service beyond boxes and deals. We are always straight at this level. We know how to tend to our clients in different ways that help us survive at your side for the long haul.

What are these events about we see on your website ? Events are seen as us doing our jobs tending to our portfolio, our brand, and yes, our clients. These are cyclical. At time of writing, 2016 and 2017 were event/show heavy. We will enter a stand down cycle in 2018 and re start in 2019. Shows are a simple way for us to show you how we love our jobs, and love to meet and see you at every corner, but their very nature is that they are labor intensive. By December 2018, we will have had 268 cumulative events under our belt.

Repairs ? Yes we do take care of these. If they occur, if product was bought new at SPI, give us a call. We carry and pay shipping for a full 2 year if the repair is accidental and bought new from us.

What faults do you have ? We do have some. Dark humor is one of them ;-). Funnies aside, because of the intensive models we have adopted, response times sometimes are slow. We take time to warn you that we have read your request but we choose to warn you ahead of time. This only happens where we are being deluged with behind the scene work.

Impossible ? What, here in Ottawa ? Our website alludes to a portion of what we have on hand. Our blogs have always been based on truths and realities. We play it real straight when you visit us, rudely straight in fact. Our client base comes from here and also from elsewhere. We try to deal with suppliers that are solid. SPI is often bigger than most Canadian suppliers. Behind the scenes, we are aggressive with maintaining our very high inventory levels... and mostly, once potential clients visit us, you are warned, chances are you will tend to stay.

We are blessed and lucky. Come on in and visit us, Steve can serve you the best coffee faster than a Texas gun slinger. Our pledge is that we do no harm and aim to please to the best of our ability.

Thanks kindly for your time

Stereo Passion International

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