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Last update: September 12, 2023

Our website will be active once Roger has moved in into his new home. Thx for your patience (12/09)

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(Active number in the AM till about noon hour)

Sunday/Monday : Closed/off line
Tuesday/Friday : on line & working early morning till 12 pm

Saturday : RV's, demonstration or deliveries

SERVICES : Turntables, I am a Linn LP 12 specialist with an over 1,400 LP 12 work sheet. 34 Years in the making.
INVITES : Our established clients can pencil in a visit at my home, so verbal chats can still be "our thing".
Please Note : As many know, with my chronic back health, I have good days, and bad days, so delays in response times may occur.
Verbal Chats : Are still possible, in fact I prefer these. Please include your phone number so I may get in touch with you.


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