Clearance page (09/04).

Our massive Clearance page is now updated and reloaded.

Contact times.

Most will have noticed that we can be reached like any other shop . I may even be contactable on Sun/Monday. It will depend on my availability or my back. Choose your pick folks, but the word is now out. It's a good step in the right direction.

Stock remaining.

There are lines we no longer represent, the lines in question are available mostly on our Clearance page. Quite a few are not offered on C/P, and some of our prices are at their lowest ever Have fun looking.

Tweaking our website, still ;)

We're pushing our website still further out there. Nothing super major, but with more clarification. Hours are once again added. I now have immediate access to my emails. The system behind this was tested for 2 weeks, it passed with flying colors. So here we are. I've tightened up more control of our major line ups these past 4 weeks. More info to come on our line up's very soon.

Times are changing...

No sooner did we reduce our website in order to give it a fresher read at a later date, that people took it that we were about to close. So Roger and I rushed the new updates. We are not closed just yet. Yes, we noticed a lot happening that would be categorized as "economic news", but it does start nor end here. Our industry equally lost a well-known figure just a few short months ago. We lost the well-known and respected Gerard Rejskind just before Xmas. He was a class act. I knew he had health issues, most that knew this remained silent in order to respect his families privacy. I will still taken by surprise that he had passed away. Our industry here in Canada lost a giant. Condolences to family and close ones. Gerard was a very good man.

Onto a new leaf, our website will forge ahead with the advent of a fresher and newer information platform. As this is being written, the Montreal audio show is taking place. I hope it does well. As I look afar, I will be hoping we are successful with the directions that Roger and I take on this website. Wish us both luck. Lastly our Clearance page will come back in early April.

Happy Easter everyone ;)


audio note cobra_0.png

We seemed to have forgotten to advise our clients, that we replaced our demo AN Cobra with a new model. Now ON DISPLAY. Also pricing on all AN product has increased as well. No surprised really.

Our market place.

As the world turns, our market place is in fact changing. So much has changed and not so much for the better. So many dealers are advertising audio wares that they don't carry nor have. Our audio market has in effect become very muddy indeed. Then add human politics to the mix. Our promise remains the same we've held since we began wat back when well over 30 years ago. If we chat about it on our website, we have it or had it on display. We equally know it.

I never would have thought that I would have seen the level of absurdity I see in our market place, it's all over. I think there is a price to be paid over the long term. I will mind our peas and carrots, and take care of my own back yard and clients. Some, or many still support us. I thank you for this support. Business is an experiment that changes with the tides, lets us get our eyes ready for the upcoming Eclipse, the dark side of the moon. Perhaps we will be able to see a glimmer in the darkness that is visiting us in a overarching way.

Happy listening and bottoms up.

PS : I have been listening to a lot of Naim lately. Tubes have begun to enter the mix, adding a warm glow in a darkish time is comforting. I wish you all the same folks.