Our 30th year, Thank you


We're slowly getting there. Our website is nearly complete!

We shall be getting close to where Roger and I want our retracted website to be. This will help you folks figure out who we are representing under these new conditions we have pushed through... We're looking forward to shoring things up still in a consistent fashion our Linn Product line up. Let's not forget adding descriptive pix for our clients. This should happen with a week or so.

We are nearly there.


Naim in 2023

We're trying to advise which line up has stuck with us when we went to working from home. Naim did stay with us, the region of Ottawa is not an evident place to work with where audio is concerned. We were just about to introduce certain line ups that had been delayed last year, as in everything else, then we changed venues. Further I was told this late May 2003 that no existing shops in Ottawa had bothered to inquire about these company after our surprise reorganization. As I am presently working these issues out without rush, but this long May weekend, I will need to rearrange my sound room. Perhaps my floor is bearing too much weight... really!!!... yes, kind of funny, well, not really if anything happens. So onward we go with organizing our sound room again.

A new product that is unique in nature and an ODE to Naim's history, called Nait 50th Anniversary. Only 1973 units made at the UK factory. It's an offshoot of the Iconic Nait 1 that has solidly anchored Naim in the present position it is.

Should you have questions on any of our lines, including Naim, go ahead, make your day.

naim - banner 50 anniversary.jpg


Thanks for your patience and understanding. Roger and I are back in full view after disappearing from those dangerous rising waters. It was not as bad as in 2017 and 2019. Phew !

I had promised you all a definitive website with our new realities, and as of today, we are getting damn close. Fine tuning our work load with my present medical issues with my back took more time that I would have thought folks.

Some may have noticed a re-positioning of our lines we had previously this year, this was expected, and it may damn well continue, we do not know for sure.

Some folks asked of us to go on CAM, which we replied no, for no other reason than I would rather work on my own and provide full services to my client base. CAM has become a wonderful venue to acquire used audio toys. As many of our clients know, we have our own CAM with our occasional Clearance page.

We're happy to be back now after much finicking about in our new ways. This took much longer than I had planned. It must be said we came within an inch of reopening up a new shop on the Gatineau side, many suppliers were awaiting our moves towards this end. I decided it was not meant to be, with all the uncertainty out there at the present time. I do certainly miss the hustle and bustle of clients coming in for coffee. Speaking about this, those clients that expressed the demise of their visits with us with coffee in hand are and will be receiving an email from me. With most of the pandemic over, I can entertain such visits again. My concerned gents, should be receiving a mail quite some time soon.

Please communicate with us should you have any questions. Response times are quicker in the morning. Bad days where my back is acting up may be taken off from any work. These are still relatively rare. We've managed quite well with this problem in the last 5 or so years. Being fully aware that many of our clients will soon be on vacation with kids and grandchildren, so we will be as well. We aiming Roger and I in July - and August.

Thanks kindly, chat soon enough guys.


A heads up to our established... (11/05)

...Client base. In about 2 weeks times, no later, our established client base will receive a private email. No, it's not what you may think. It will be a fun message. Certain things will be coming back that were part and parcel of our DNA. Chat soon enough guys ;).

Our Website... (11/05)

We have done what we said we would do, now Roger and I will be embarking on our next step within the next week or so. I figure by May's end, perhaps as soon as May 20th, we should have this this stage completed. Thanks for your support, folks.

Naim... ( 11/05 )

It is up to Naim to sing along with us in one of our main systems. Should some of you folks need a listen, by all means, send us an email.

AT THIS TIME: Roger and I have been asked to modify certain pages, as there seems to be a scurrying from Ottawa retailers to some of our lines before we got to where we are now. We have obliged but what has disappeared from our site will reappear soon within a few days time.

Also our Audio Note webpage will come back in a very short while. Thanks for your patience.