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We will be attending the Montreal Audio fest,
Friday March 22nd we will be open from 10:30am till 2:00 Pm.
Saturday the 23rd, we shall be open from 10 am till 3 Pm.

LAST WEB UPDATE : 15 Mars 2019



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C.R : Code Red. Military equivalent of the Chaos battle field code, Broken Arrow. Its our 4rth time ever. We are left with little choice at this time ((15 March)). Our rare "down" days, are not allowing us to catch up with the record breaking rhythms and chaos within our company walls in meeting our clients demands in every aspects this entails. For the time being this means the following.

Clients will be happy to know that OUR in store floor activity for those visiting us, remain unchanged, we react "live" and in immediate fashion as it should be. This cannot be touched.

However our clients may expect little delays in email confirmation, but up to 24 hours delays in providing answers for those emails. All technical work will experience delays. We have annulled all monthly system displays with the exception of our Audio Note event in April. We do expect to come back in fine non chaotic order. This should not continue as we see but thinking this does not mean it will stop anytime soon.

SPI needs, at all cost, to protect our 5 star ratings across the board with our clients. We hope you understand our candor, we would not have it any other way with our clients. We thank you all for your patience and support.

Luc Morin


Sunday/Monday : Closed
Tuesday/Wednesday : office / emails only / shop closed
Thursday : 10:30 AM till 5 pm ( Private demonstrations start 3 pm, till 7 pm, booking required )
Friday : 10:30 AM till 5 Pm ( Private demonstrations start 3 pm, till 7 pm, booking required )
Saturdays : 10 AM to 4 PM

Emails only : from Tuesday till Wednesday

Start time for emails : 6 AM to 4 PM ( dedicated for sales reps, distributors) ( Luc's general mail ) ( steves general mail )

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A very special event in less than 2 months, with many introductions of Audio Note gear, a near state of the art AN system and Vincent Belanger playing for us his Cello pieces. This is an Ottawa first. For more detail, see our Audio Note page in top menu.

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SPI and Lounge376

Despites economic downturn's and changes in the consumption of how music and audio is viewed today, we have been capable of sustaining commercial growth historically by staying in our own select market place without the use of the internet: Our actual and on display capacity is virtually unheard of in our country, this is what we offer...

49 Different on display speakers from 800.00 onward, 8 of which are over 10,000.00-30,000.00

20 Different on display CD players, from 800.00 onward, 10 of which are over 8,500.00-30,000.00

10 DAC's, from 1,400.00 onward, 5 of which are over 4,000.00 -15,000.00

35 Integrated amplifiers, tubes and transistors, from 900.00 - 32,000.00

15 tube amplifiers, single ended triode, from 5,200.00 - 32,000.00

8 Turntables, from 800.00 - 15,000.00

10 Different tube types on available and actual display

10 different Pre-amplifiers, tubes and transistors, from 1,395.00 -15,000.00

15 Different Power amplifiers, Mono and Stereo types, tubes and transistors, 4,000.00 to 45,000.00

6 Digital Streamers, from 3,000.00 -33,000.00

2 Privacy assured listening rooms

1 of the only self sustaining and auto financed Canadian dealers country wide

200,000.00 cables inventory, with over 10 cables costing between 5,000.00 -15,000.00 per pair

All the above is worthless without service and an extended knowledge base. Think about it, right here in Ottawa.

What do you say mates?

Over 25 years of seriously great audio

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