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(04/02) Linn Products

As an extension of the above article for AN, Linn has chosen for the most part an all out on display for everybodies eyes, pricing per skew on their website. It's also in Canadian dollars. We got involved with Linn again over 2 and half year ago. We've been the only Ottawa based dealer that have been able to financially entertain this revered and iconic British line up historically. Its not a cheap line up and like all other line up, prices have been raised. We cover most general Linn skews from Analogue to amps, pre's, sources to speakers.

We will be looking forward to dedicating a Linn webpage quite shortly, just as available Audio Note.

Keep an eye on our website for more info.






We making much headway with...

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Burning in much of our new gear at home. Just this week alone we're taken out another 3 new components that will see the light of day as this is being written. This is one thing I did not want to touch, but we may change our ways and simply do our burn in at work instead at home.

Several new pieces from Linn will be introduced. As we rush this burn in, we have equally formalized our planned weekly reopening this coming September. We have several new pieces of new Naim gear that are now ready to be introduced this late summer. We know this world of ours is complicated, but we would still like to push this demonstration venues over the long haul. Guess what, we still have much to introduce.

We have seen 3 cycles of LRT construction, and not 2 as stated elsewhere. Yes these are harsh on accessibility, but they do end eventually. We just had the bad fortune of following these planned projects Eastward. As I tend to do, we always plan an event when this construction ends.

naim uniti star.jpg

I have stolen my Naim Uniti Star for the summer, while I get busy with all our vacation times. Don't worry it will come back folks.

Linn is swinging hard with new add on's for their LP 12.

linn sondek lp12.png

Effective today, The Lp 12 will start to sport 6 or so different and new options. These Lp 12's will equally be called something else. Every model is being touched and tweaked with exception of the Klimax.

Majik LP 12's will now come in 2 models, one in MM and the other Magik Twin will be in MC. The Akurate Lp 12 will now be called the SELEKT Linn Lp 12. New arms and cartridges will be added, and some older skews are now being discontinued in the weeks to come, or till stock runs out.

More info is now available on the Linn website. Don't forget our incoming LP 12 clinik July 23rd. For those that emailed me, I do not charge for anything while this LP 12 clinik is ongoing. However should you need some parts or a belt, those are charged. Equally, I cannot proceed with any repairs.

Of course a Linn system will be playing all day folks.

Streaming amplifiers, we have them for Ottawa

Lets start with Audiolab Omnia (2,800.00), Lumin M 1 stream (3,000.00), Naim UNITI Atom (4,800.00), Linn Majik DSM (6,000.00), Naim UNITI Star (7,600.00), finally, Linn Sekret DSM (starting at approx 8,000.00 and up)... all on actual display and available for demonstration now. Plus 4 other models of actual streamers.

naim supernait 3_0.png


Linn LP 12

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Discover the magic, we can make it happen now.


Linn LP 12 Finally after 9 months, on working display

Linn UPHORIK, Awaiting delivery

Linn SEKRIT DSM, awaiting delivery

Thorens tables, Several models, all levels, On display and awaiting delivery

Audio Note TT2, awaiting introduction

Nagaoka Cartridges, MP 110, 150, much stock

Analogue accessories, at all levels, NEWLY added, on display and in stock


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perso 20191107.JPG


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Audiolab 6000N streamer.

star.png New

audiolab streamer.jpg

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jmr bliss jubilee banner.jpg

"... a complete success, this new Bliss Jubilee is for those that want a mini monitor experience, a sober neutral presentation, with a beautiful finish and supremely musical..."

Haute Fidelity magazine , Paris

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JMR Jubilee series will be in complete display

jmr bliss jubilee.jpg

JMR Bliss Jubilee

jmr euterpe jubile.PNG

JMR Euterpe Jubilee

jmr lucia.PNG

JMR Lucia

We may not know where these will go within our walls, as we are fully loaded with speakers, including other JMR products as well but I suspect we will find room. Of course as always, we expect some improvements over the previous models. The Euterpe Jubilee has just been granted of or the 7 top speakers available in Europe. Quite the honor, it just barely came out.

Summer is here, but much activity on the sales floor of SPI. JMR buffs, see you all soon.

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It might be said that the Folia has more in common with the Bliss Silver, but walking with a smaller stick, lighter on feet, and it will be fun if not important to hear the differences. The Lucia is said to be quick and fleet footed, giving breath and a sense of airiness and pin point accuracy where instrumentation are concerned. Why not decide for yourselves and test the journalist that are lucky enough to write about such audio product. If we are to rely on JMR feedback, La Folia focus of attack will be more towards the Bliss Jubilee than the Anniversary. I do admit the Bliss anniversary are loved. Another point of contentions, odd it may be, European audiophile that are JMR fans have been buying the La Folia and Lucia's in droves. I believe folks here are awaiting the Bliss Jubs.

jmr folia.jpg

Fun in the sun for sure. Driving duties will be via several companies. The system will be at the level that is somewhat real world and reaching towards the high end. Coming sometime coming sometime this Autumn.

More of these set ups will take place as the year progresses

jmr banner 8.jpg

PS : One of the best review magazines worldwide has adopted the The Jean Marie Reynaud Lucia in permanence in their office system

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JMR Euterpe Jubilee received honors

Join us on the fun with several JMR models on comparative display, a real first for us ever. Our Euterpes will be on one system, while both our Abscise and Cantabile models will alternate. Folks will be able to hear what the magic is about with this brand. A unique experience awaits those who come and visit us.

Dates and details to follow very soon.


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Zut alors... the story about the Linn LP 12 we work on.

linn majik lp12.png

I was working on a real vintage LP 12, once owned by a well-known LP 12 teck fella down south that passed away. That table was definitely old, had been repaired but one sensed that it has been respected and taken care of throughout its life. He was a precise in his ways, nice to see for a change.

I had to replace the arm... and even though vintage 12s are easy to work on, you hit rules of un- intended consequences. I hate those, this one, the previous owner's ghost was throwing them at me nonstop. Lot of parts with LP 12's, but once I was in the middle of the job with that vintage 12, it dawned on me it was like I had thrown a grenade or 2 on my benches. I should have taken a pic or 2, I always do, I now regret it.

Just that pic alone would have explained why I had to walk away of this outside LP 12 work and only do ours. But admittingly it would have been cool for you guys to see before and after. Once the structure is all good and built, then we must proceed to adjusting it as well as to oiling, adjusting symmetry, VTA, Cart alignment, etc . A lot of good work there, but this work will come back to me after I retire to make a bit of red wine money (don't freak out u mother's. ..I'm not retiring !!! ;)).

Roger and I will be adding a lot of LP 12 pics of some tables that could not be saved, and to many new ones that were pictured in different state of dress. I started to take pics of my work about one hundred, or more tables ago. I did not count, but let's say... LOTS. Never thought of starting from the get go... problem, cell and digital cameras did not exist then.

In the new year, I will explain what has been affected in our new Analogue ways and what has not. It will be clear and concise. Something tells me it will be a heavy year where new LP 12 sales are going to be at.

Just make sure you enjoy the pics when we upload them. Cheers.




We have sold several, and as I stated, even trying to gets Steve's Exxact amplifier, would happen from his cold dead hands. At his age, that is bound to happen soon ;-)

trigon exxact 2.png

The Exxact exudes much drama and flair. Its a quite exuberant amplifier, and it does all of this with poise and control. Playing this amp on JMR speakers is a near god send. The JMR's really get along with any of these Trigon amplifiers. On display for the month of July and August in our main room.


Linn Lp 12

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Our return into service will be done efficiently as we can, however we will be entertaining some delays with our Linn Lp 12 works, repairs and rebuilds. We have several new Linn LP 12's that we need to build from the ground up. I will make sure I place some pictures of this work on this very website. I even have some pics of a rather intensive repair and refurbishment job that I did right before Xmas for one of our clients. The client was very happy, both for the work done (he had never heard it sound so good) and for the fact I busted both nuts delivering said refurb right before Xmas.

For our new clients, we only use original Linn parts, as well as belts for your Lp 12. We also have most likely the worlds largest LP 12 micro parts selection. Where our approach to fixing your LP 12 up... Expect a wait time, as we do these repairs without rush, always...and I mean... always. With the departure of Steven, I should be able to use his desk to work on any table, this fact should help make the process faster.

Lastly, on a particular forum ( CAM ) its stated that we do not fix Lp 12 anymore. At the time, when the gent called us, our Steven stated we did not and he was right. I needed to take a break from fixing tables. Soon after that time, I did return back after taking a 2 year break. I can now say I keep a smile on my face when I fix your beloved Lp 12's.

About Audio Note


So it goes we have been doing AN for a very long time, in fact we remain the one original AN retailer in North America. Its our longest serving line up. We get many calls about this line up, but we also get folks asking us how much these gems cost 2 to 3 times a week. We stopped providing retail pricing more than several years ago. We did notice links for such enquiries with the same AN skew being offered as used by on liners on all sales forums... 100% of the time. Here is a funny punch line, we've never received a thank you for responding, 100% of the time. Why we only provide pricing at time of your AN demonstration. Lastly, since this is made very clear and visible on our website, why we choose not to respond.

SPI carries much display of AN gear, most likely more than any retailer in Canada. This brand is expensive to entertain. Always has been. But since Covid has hit the world, the wait times match the wait times for Magnepan. Deposits are required before we proceed with any purchase order. I can say this without smirk, listening to AN gear, and where this sound will bring you, is well worth the wait.

We're looking to see if our realities will allow us to have our yearly annual AN event. Time will tell.

How our return may play out.

We can venture we will be hit hard. We're officially opening up next week. This week has reserved how our return to commercial activity will be... we suspect it will be hectic and you folks will keep us very busy. With our Stevie Wonder out of the picture and retired, there will be some dancing and adapting on our parts. Right our of the gate, we will be catching with quite a few clients. Organizing our shop will be the order of the day in this first week.

We will have to catch up with a phenomenal 6 Linn LP 12 work orders, plus 2 new builds. Its a lot of work. We have simplified our Tables offerings. Now we carry Linn and Funk Firm. Our entry will be met by a complete Linn system for a few weeks, then a Naim system. Magnepan is extremely popular at this time, so we will need to respond and make sure our floor models are playing hard and plenty good for this summer.

We will be taking a shortened vacation time sometime in August when most are away. We will know more later as to timing.

Other than that, the above carries us well into August. So plenty to going on this summer. Our website will equally be kept vibing and vibrant.

Linn all in one units.

linn logo 2.jpeg

I rushed a buying spree in late 2020, hastily preparing for what seemed for our 2nd Covid lock down. I was right, it happened. Without skipping a beat, this permitted me to burn in at home some most wonderful gear. The Naim Star took forever to burn in. When the markets came back in active mode, Naim was front and center, because burning was central on the Naim side of things. We've been doing Naim long enough to know how a burned in Naim unit sounds like. But before we had time to fully burn in our Naim, we were facing a 3rd lock down. So Naim came back home and burn in continued. I am happy to report that our Naim is now burned in.

As stated in another article, I am glad to say our return will be full of these 1 box wonders that are very musical and yes high end in every way. But both these lines have been sculpted and as for Naim reduced in order to make sense in our present market place. There are some wait times associated with both lines, but not as much as some of our other line up. Our new beginnings will take shape with these types of products. So welcome back folks, so now you know what awaits you all.

Here we go again...


As 2021 rolled around as we reopened less than 4 weeks ago, we were taken aback by 3 things.

The first is how some folks have so much time to create mayhem and chaos for the small business owner... and how so quickly we maintained decorum and a strict sense of defence or firewalls to protect ourselves. We held the line against these vicious contemptable cretins. This was not our first rodeo, but we managed just fine considering the severity of it all but we lost much time doing so. Time loss was veritable in this case, we will make up for it.

The 2nd was how we are noticing some of our suppliers just disappearing without saying a word this year alone. We do eventually discover this happening... so we move on quietly. We will be supporting from within, shoring up our existing line ups. Much is being done with Naim, Linn and Audio Note at much expense. We will maintain our secondary line ups of course.

magnepan 1.7.jpg

Then there may be a 3rd thing here, as Roger and I were finishing up after a weekend of working on our online space, once again, the latest Absolute Sound magazine with the 2020 components of the year awards, stated that Magnepan LRS, .7, 1.7's, 3.7's were amongst the worlds best for the up teeth time, again all of them, they are, product of the year. Really!!! This line is both a labor of love and a good move on our part. The line up has taken a shit kicking by way of what it cost us to ship here. The shipping has doubled in the last 2 years. But still we hold the line on our Maggies.

Towards the end of March, we will be setting up several models in both our dem rooms. Together with Trigon Reference streamer and Trigon amplifier, our maggies will sing well yet again . We can now see linkage between many who admire gear from afar, not committing to anything and lines quietly disappearing from the general national supply network. Perhaps the way of the world in our new reality. This story line is far from over, but let us continue our part in showing you all the importance of this industry. Music First, I say ;-)

Its been the best of times, its been the worse of times.

There is much headway that we are working through. We are trying hard in bring in affordable BUT high end nonetheless. Why we finally will be receiving our Naim Nait series Cd player and amplifier. A bit of a wait, but its expected in the next few days. Of course these will be burned in on site. We no longer have the luxury of burning in our gear off site. But this also means world class gear for those on a budget, on site faster, we promise.

naim cd5si_2.jpg

Our new Linn gear will also see the light of day, we have these, still awaiting our Linn LP 12 that is back ordered for perhaps another month. We will combine JMR's speakers with a Linn DSM. Acoustic Solid table awaits the union. The Linn DSM will be taking over from the not shy, pull no punches Naim Uniti Star.

linn dsm.png

naim uniti star.jpg

The one JMR that will be playing will be the often unlucky JMR Euterpe our on again, off again Covid closures. I had a really joyful time at Xmas time burning in our new JMR Bliss Jub. It played on several amps at home, I will even show you some pics of the set ups upon your visit. The Euterpe's will joining in on the fun in a week or two. Expect wait times upon ordering, but they remain far shorter than the Harberth wait times.

jmr banner multiple.png

We will be adding to our Clearance page very soon… behind the scenes drama set us all back regarding these issues. We should have these uploaded in a jiff folks. Hang tight.

By the way, as we speak, we are quite busy with appointments or RV's. Its the only ways we do our biz. Many new faces dont know this, and although Kris is more than happy to oblige sometime, we will start to ascertain our by appointment demonstrations. We can accept no more than 3-4 appointment's per work day. Each set up takes approx 1 hour to prepare and dismantle and place out of the way. So with our limited availabilities…


Re: Linn LP 12. Our Linn order will arrive in a few days. However our Linn Krane arm will be back ordered. It seems the Linn Krane is in very high demand world wide, so will need to await our turn in that line up. So sorry folks.

linn majik lp12.png

Funk Firm mats NEW


Well we lied, their not new, but they are quite popular. We carry a lot of them but have had some run in's with the 3mm format. We ordered all colors before Xmas 2020...but alas UPS lost them all. So we emptied our our supplier, we have 1 Blue and a shitload of Black. We will order plenty more in every color, including new green.

Jean Marie Reynaud, Lunna, NEW.

jmr banner 13.png

Now playing in our main room

wire world.jpg 

We did just receive our new load of affordable Wireworld cables , more is expected . Interconnects, speaker cables, jumpers, power cords and the list goes on. This is part of "We're listening approach" in investing to offering more to our younger clients that are just starting out.

 jmr logo.png 

jmr bliss jubilee.jpg

Our JMR Bliss are burning in with our Naim UNITI STAR at home at the present. Sounding good right out of the box, they shall not take much time before being brought into our shop walls. This cannot be said of our Naim Star, it is starting to sound but only after some 200 or so hours of burn in. Its sounding better and better as burn in wears on.

Hello again folks, let's try for a happier 2021 year ahead of us.

It will be difficult to discern, but our website will be seriously tweaked, yet again. It will simply reflect what is going on in our audio market place.

Overarching all this excitement, for a time, is that dark cloud above our heads called Covid. We suspect it will bring into collapse so many good people and business' everywhere. Despite this, my team and I will make sure we keep a close eye on this drama. Once again we say, we are ready and in really fine shape. We can carry this fight for a really long time.

This was a first year that many of our old clients did not receive a note from me at years end. I had barely managed to hold on, such we were kept so busy.

So I say here to our old clients ( and new one's as well ), thank you for standing at our side and supporting us in those so many years. You are all deeply appreciated by all of us here. We look forward to seeing you all after the storm has subsided. Please have a safe New Year.

linn majik lp12.png


linn majik 140 speaker .png


Linn calls this " the first step into serious Hi Fi, we agree. The Linn Majik 140's have been in production for 15 years, and without a doubt I am quite certain these have been refreshed like most companies would do this. They have the capacity to be placed in active mode, or passive. They are relatively full range, more so in active mode ( you need a full Linn system to go active ), and they still sell well worldwide. We recommend combining the 140's with a Linn system, but hint hint, Naim components have always went extremely well with Linn speakers ( but one will be incapable of going active ). BTW, the inverse was also true, when Naim made their own speakers Linn always sang beyond near belief when associated Naim speakers.

We will look forward to demonstrating our entire Linn set up's later in the year when Covid starts to leave us.


linn logo 2.jpeg

Welcome back Linn Hi Fi just in time for 2021.

linn logo 2.jpeg 

The many new insertions of bigger companies is our contribution to maintaining the best we can a steady and stronger supply chain for our clients. This attempts in pushing this through will be solidified this beginning in 2021. By providing Linn we will be able to provide added options where technology are concerned. From either Exactbox technology, analogue Linn Lp 12 parts and repairs and display, amplifiers and streamer. Also add to this Linn active speaker. Our orders were just on the verge to being sent, but have been delayed as Covid shutdowns are happening worldwide, including in Scotland.

We are hoping to receive the many skews very soon.

jmr logo.png 

jmr bliss jubilee.jpg

Having received all our JMR speakers right on the 24th of December, well we could not demonstrate these until this new year. On January 9th, the only day where we were open to prepare our pending closing, we hurriedly open and placed our JMR Lunna's and listened to these. I was the first to be taken aback, and quite so. Having called Kris over, he to was taken aback, and yes, quite so. Upon setting these up, the JMR Lunna's displayed a great sense of Holography and coherence while sounding extremely organic... OUT of the box. Small in stature, these will be good in small to medium size rooms, and the Anigre finish ( think 1st generation JM Labs Utupia's, right, you know what we mean ), mean the looks match the sheer volumes of class and musicality.

As I write this now, the replacements of JMR Bliss have been taken out of the box at home and will see burn in on a Naim Uniti Star, which need more burning. Entry of these models will be when we open up again.

linn logo 2.jpeg 

linn majik dsm.png

As we just started dealing with Linn, we did notice plenty of new components that were just starting to be released into the market place. Then when it was time we bit, these many new moves from Linn were available to be brought in into the Ottawa market place. It was an easy insertion.

linn majik dsm banner.jpg

What comes out as NEW and revised, are the Linn Lp 12, a NEW Krane analogue arm, the NEW Karousel bearing which we will all have on display on our sales floor.

linn krane.png

Entirely revised and NEW Majik DSM and NEW Sekrit DSM. But we will also receive NEW Linn Majik 140 speakers. We will be adding further to these skews. I have a good idea, but shhhh, its a state secret for now. We will be able to demonstrate a full Linn system and for those many that have not heard any Linn, perhaps when the markets open up again, well, give us a call.

Welcome Naim 

naim uniti star.jpg

JMR on display

jmr logo.png

jmr banner 7.PNG

As we are arriving at our JMR demo days, 1 week late of course, we will be providing comparisons between our Bliss Anniversary and our La Folias Jubs. We are expecting our Bliss Jubilee and or the revered Lucia sometime this summer. Comparisons of this sort are rare, but with our new dem-IN shop system instilled last April, we can do exactly that for folks that like to do this sort of thing... of course you do, we all do ( This new venture will not be limited only to JMR products ).

It might be said that the Folia has more in common with the Bliss Silver, but walking with a smaller stick, lighter on feet, and it will be fun if not important to hear the differences. The Lucia is said to be quick and fleet footed, giving breath and a sense of airiness and pin point accuracy where instrumentation are concerned. Why not decide for yourselves and test the journalist that are lucky enough to write about such audio product. If we are to rely on JMR feedback, La Folia focus of attack will be more towards the Bliss Jubilee than the Anniversary. I do admit the Bliss anniversary are loved. Another point of contentions, odd it may be, European audiophile that are JMR fans have been buying the La Folia and Lucia's in droves. I believe folks here are awaiting the Bliss Jubs.

jmr folia.jpg

Fun in the sun for sure. Driving duties will be via several companies. The system will be at the level that is somewhat real world and reaching towards the high end. Coming sometime in June... one of many Saturday events ! A first we believe anywhere.

More of these set ups will take place as the year progresses

jmr banner 8.jpg

PS : One of the best review magazines worldwide has adopted the The Jean Marie Reynaud Lucia in permanence in their office system

Trigon in Ottawa


It is a relatively new line up at SPI, since 2016. It's placed where it belongs, in the middle to upper high ground of high end audio within our walls. The line up starts at somewhere between 4-5,000.00 and up from there.

trigon trinity.png

In 2017, this one TRiGON line up managed to amass 2 the best shows within our walls where transistor gear is involved. They have fronted 2 Nordost yearly events. The Trigon Trinity all in one, managed to be awarded THE component of the year ( Called POYA awards ) in 2016, surpassing our own Sim Audio Ace. In one of the first Nordost events, The Trigon Energy blew away the entire group of attendees, being backed by nobody else than a Volents Paragone VL 3.5 speakers. People still recall this event and the performance they heard, yes still. One of our crew possesses a TRIGON amplifier, just try to take this amp from Steves dead cold prying hands. As Judas Priest song sing... you got another thing coming

trigon exxact 2.png 

Trigon will now effectively see growth in our main upper line ups. The sound is on the complex side to explain, but think it better to come and see our TRIGONS right here at SPI. Like most folks will have experienced, hearing TRIGON will not leave you indifferent. We promise !

Our private affair. How high can we go folks ! Watch us go.

On this entirely different plain, Audio Note will be sharing the lime light with a few others... equally great companies. For those that have good memory, as far back as 2012, our variant system will be sharing quite a few attributed.

Not intending to let go of the surprises that are reserved in that private affair or ours, let me say, that it will be certainly one for the books. We are heading quite with a rare and elevated Audio Note variant system. Even Audio Note show fest systems will pale in comparison, this system will be at a very high level of play.

So it goes without saying that on that evening, our friends will be sharing plenty of laughs and yes, music and spirits to boot. I even plan on staying the night at the shop to continue listening at this system after all have left... may not be there next day, but my boys will take care of you all. How do you guys like them apples ! Life is tough, we do need to roll with it sometimes.

Comedy aside, this is by strictly by invite special evening.

copland logo.png

Copland KT 120 amplifier

How many systems are we supposed to have playing for you fine folks... countless I say. The more the merrier Santa Claus would say, its never enough James Bond would say, well, you guys get my point.

copland cta 405.jpg

An entirely different flavor, and with a lot more power to spare. In many ways, this one system is the one to remember because of what I will be placing around what is one of the best tube amplifiers bargains around. This is the only system where an analogue rig will be front row and center. Our Copland ports a 4 tube internal phono stage and pushes with relative ease approx. 75 wpc. It's all academic.

acoustic solid - Classic wood mpx.jpg

Acoustic Solid table take the honors. As many know, our shop is kept to busy to play vinyl, but we will make it a point before our holidays, but for a brief while.

Just to make matters better as in good, better and best, I intend to play with your emotions on this set up. Some of our guys will forget where the exit to our shop is. It will be easy to do this, The Tannoy Kensington's will do this every time. These need no introductions whatsoever.

So in a matter of 5-6 weeks, SPI will have played more than 7 different Oxford systems, with many to spare. I have not even mentioned our complete Line Magnetic system on Audio Note AN-Z speakers playing in our green room late October for more than a week.

However debuting December 13th our Copland affair will cap off a cherry on all our Sunday's. Great I could not find a better way to finish off our 2018 together.

So a happy and merry Christmas are in order folks.

jmr - banner 5.jpeg

We finish off our 2018 with JMR

Should there have been a brand that has closely honed in its careful attention to its sound and design detail in general, JMR would be on top of many list. Extremely well know on the Euro front, it still makes people think aloud here on this side of the pond. The feedback is all good, no surprise really.

Already in high mileage mode here with us, our JMR models have already acquired 2 main shows at the OXFORD Reference level : In October of 2017, mated with our ROKSAN BLAK series, and in May, our second NORDOST show. As Bruno ( Nordost master of ceremony ) privately said to me privately... "the speakers are really good". This man has listened to a lot of great speakers in his day. We concur.

Even our very own Kris is likely to buy a pair of 7K JMR Cantabile. Kris is a prickly listener.

For the better part of January, 2 French brands will be highlighted within our walls.

Jean Marie Renaud family, sound is everything.

jmr abscisse.jpg

What is not to like about JMR, clearly walking the line between organic and detail.

Our JMR Bliss, the near baby of the line, has in and for the past 3 months through its burn in process amassed a little army of fans. Coming at you at several levels of shadings, open dynamics, transparency, timbral richness and an emotional maturity that comes shining through the music. These we say are unique sounding, and equally at home with good transistors and yes, tubes. Somewhat inexpensive in high end ways, its will be for your emotional listener, and we really think they are superlative on classical and acoustic music, of the highest order.

Their sonic signature of our Bliss as well as our Euterpe Supreme is reminiscent of our much more expensive Audio Note AN-E’s that so many love here in Ottawa.

Our Eutrepe Jubilee : As many know we burn in our models near and fully, everyone of them. Unlike the JMR Bliss, our Euterpe Supreme held their secret for nearly a full month of burning in. Once the burn in was nearly and done with, the ES provide quite the homogeneous impression as well as being quite transparent. Spatial information was there in spades we all noticed, room ambiance as well as air around clapping hands. A clear window inside the room and the performance all the while maintaining JMR’s distinctive warmth. It relays abundant texture and a wide array of what some call diverse nodal interplay, something one does not get for the less than 4 k price. Typically French performer, offering spontaneity, naturalness of delivery, and what I hear is incredible nuance within the musical message. We expect to do well with this speaker, and for good reason.

Our Cantabile Jubilee : What many Euro journalist call one of the best pound for pound speaker for the price anywhere. Spatial information and an absolute capacity to lay out everything that the music has to offer. Even if you want it or not. Incredible extension, and elegant in manner, style and precision in all matters of music. Note the word, elegant. For those that cannot afford the best, but who would want to have a hint of what other do at a much expensive level. More dynamic, than our ES, it offers plenitudes of imaging, and a word to the wise, gear begins to matter at this level.

Our Abscisse Jubilee : Touching a tad less than 5 figures, and just when you think you have tempered the JMR line in ones mind, one clearly goes into another level. Think Volent but with less attitude, a more forgiving and organic delivery as well as that pure Volent predisposition to lays pretty much everything on the line... but our AA’s does it with more softness, some would call soul. Sonics play at what would say an entirely different level, and while one listen to our AA’s, one gets the picture why our Cantabiles come in where they come in, these hint at where our AA’s play at. Another level of texture, transparency, ambience, homogeneous delivery, utter extension and a smooth, organic and full midrange without being soggy, and a full and very clean bass line. A word to the wise, only incredible gear need apply to drive these.

Should one be interested in listening to these marvels, by all means, give us a call. All of the above require an appointment with no exception.

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What else can we say, one of our pound for pound prized fighter's within our walls, sonic's are simply sublime!


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Wireworld cables

An introduction and wide array of of highly compatibly cables at all level

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Jean Marie Reynaud La Folia

The one that somewhat replaced the all time classic JMR Bliss.

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trigon exxact 4.png

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NeoT Nemoi cables

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Audio Note new replacements of AN-K, AN-E

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JMR series of speakers

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from La Folia to the Abscise


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